OUr Eqipment


FE 24–70 mm F2,8 GM


sony a7rii

It is quite hard to shoot with cats. you need be patient.


To shoot a portait with a cat and a human is the most difficult for me. It is quite hard to bring them into a position that looks good on a picture. First I decide which object, human or cat, I want to be in the center of the picture. In this case it is the cat which is focused.

The most importan part is the lighting. In this picture I have used two softboxes to lighten up the objects. You need to play a little with the light to see where you want some shadows and where not.


Getting bokeh effect is not really difficult. I go on 70mm 2.8 to blur out the background. To get the blurry line in the foreground, I place a white blanket in front of Odin.

A large aperture results in a large amount of background blur. I decided to only sharpen the part where Odin´s head is.


Which breed is Odin?

Odin is a siberian forest Cat

Where do you live?

We live in Berlin, Germany

Which breed is Hera?

Hera is a mainecoon Cat

Do we get along?

Oh yes! We love each other

Which breed is Hera?

How old are they?

Odin is 1,5 Years old and Hera is about 8 mont now

Indoor or outdoor?

We are indoorcats but our humans are planning on taking us for walks

Make shure your will never force your cat to Do something they don´t want to.