top 5 cat friendly house plants

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Most of the cat owners struggle when it comes to their house plants. We all want to provide our cats a safe home, but which plants can we use without having a bad conscience?

Before we had cats I used to grow a viarity of plants in our flat. I never thought about "toxic plants" until we decited to get a little kitten. From that point, I researched a lot about "toxic plants for cats" and unfortunately, I had to give away 90% of my plants! I was super upset as you can imagine.

As a plant lover I decided to find a way to create a cohabitate with my cats AND my plants.

I collected my top 5 cat friendly house plants for you.

1. Spider Plant

(Chlorophytum comosum)

The spider plant is easy to handle, it does not need a lot of care. It will also replicate itself very quickly! My go to plant for every beginner.

2. Jade Plant

(succulent crassula ovata)

The Jade plant is known for its low maintenance and high beauty. Just make shure to place it at a sunny location. You don´t even have to water it a lot! Perfect for all the lazy plant owners.

3. Mosaic plant

(Fittonia albivenis)

This beautiful plant has some special needs. It dislikes strong, direct sunlight and will quickly suffer from burn. You also have to make sure it has constantly enough water. Otherwise it will shrink very fast!

Warning: every cat is different. Even if these plants are not toxic, your cat may react after nibbling on them. Make shure to see the vet after recognizing untypical behavior.

4. Cat Grass

Nibbling on some grass is a natural behavoir of your cat. It makes them regurgiate which brings up indigestible products like hairballs or feathers. You should always provide some cat grass for your cat, espacially when you keep it indoor.

5. Areca Palm

(Dypsis lutescens)

If you are having a fair amount of space, an areca palm would be perfect to bring some joungle feeling into your flat. They like a lot of light and don´t need to be watered a lot.

All the previous plants are not expensive and you will get them in every plant shop. They are a good way to add some green without to worry about your cats health.

Some cats exaggerate the consumption of grass. Especially if it´s always available. Some also eat it in case of being hungry in replacement of food. In this cases, place the grass out of reach from time to time.

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