Harness Review

If you want your cat to enjoy the nature once in a while, but you live in an area, where it is not safe enough to let your cat outside, than you should certainly consider getting a cat harness!

We live in Berlin, so it would not be safe for our cats to go outside on their own. Eventhough we want them to enjoy the nature from time to time. After thinking about different ways to solve the problem, we decided to buy a cat harness.

The first time we went outside with Odin was super exciting, until the point, where he nearly escaped the harness. That moment was so traumatizing, that we stopped going outside for a long time!

A few months later, we got in touch with the Supakit company.

They have developed a beautiful cat harness, which we fell in love with.

So if you are still searching for a harness which is safe, high quality and comfortable for your cat, you should consider having a look at Supakit company. We will give you a quick review of everything you need to know.


Safety is the most important thing when it comes to a harness. The Supakit harness is definitely escape-proof. If you have ordered the right size, it is impossible for your cat to escape the harness.


The harness is made out of the finest italian leather and natural cotton. It feels and smells just right to your cat.

putting it on

Just drop your cat's front paws through the harness and buckle up! No straps to squeeze over your cat's head, no loud and scary noises.


Weight tested up to a whopping 18kg / 40lbs


We love the design! It is simple and elegant. Because of the leather an the beautiful details, it does not look like the "typical cat harness". If you are searching for something more stylish, this is your product to go for.


The shape seems extremely comfortable for our cats. It never rubs or twists. They even fall asleep in it!

Final thoughts

After we had a bad experience with a previous harness, we had to learn to trust again. The harness from Supakit made it possible! Because of the good material, shape and Design, the harness is convenient and trustable. We finally feel safe again using a harness.

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( Thank you Supakit for sending us a free sample of the harness)