Top 3 Timesaving Tipps for Instagram

Keeping up with Instagram can be pretty rough. Because for most of us Instagram isn´t their main job, we need to scedule our time well! We want to share our top 3 tips for planning your Instagram a little more time saving.

1. plan ahead

Nothing is more frustrating than having nothing to post when it´s time for! To avoid that, it is necessary to plan ahead! We like to prepare our post for the upcoming week on the weekend. It takes us around 1 hour to edit 7 pictures.

2. have pictures in stock

Sometimes you do not have time to shoot new pictures at all, because your everyday life is so busy. We like to have some unedited pictures on our computer, so we can edit them whenever we are out of new ones. That takes a lot of pressure away.

3. be realistic

Is it necessary to check your Instagram every 5 minutes? Most of the time it´s not! We make sure to limit our "Instagram time" to have a free mind for everything else we need to get done that day. Moreover it is more effektive if you check your Instagram once or twice a day consciously.

We hope those tips will help you to use Instagram more consciously and effective!

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